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All things.

/Shining brighter than the Sun
/You're the Everlasting One
/We lift our praise forevermore


Hey friends!

I hope that you had a chance to listen to the song. I personally want to say thank you for your love and support.

It is my hope that this song finds you and lifts you up in moments of distress and joy, to see the One that matters the most. There's nothing greater than the One who can renew everything in your life. He can transform you. That's a promise and truth. 

It says in Revelations 21:5:
He who was seated on the throne said: "I am making all things new!" Then He said: "Write this down for my Words are trustworthy and true." 

One thing I've always loved about this scripture is that He didn't say He is making new things. He's simply taking old things and transforming them into new. It's great news for people like you and me!

So take His Word for it - He'll give from the spring of the water of life to those who thirst.

Nothing but love,